Do you know the links between oral health and HPV? If HPV infects ones mouth, it could increase the risk for both mouth and throat cancer. As a provider, things such as identifying lesions and discussing prevention strategies will be crucial to the patient’s experience.

To learn more about the links of HPV and oral health, join the Wisconsin Oral Health Coalition on Friday, May 7 for their virtual summit on the topic. The summit will take place from noon to 3:30 p.m. and is free to attend. Registration can be done online.

Summit attendees will learn how to: identify oral cancer lesions, discuss prevention strategies with patients and families and identify resources for addressing the oral manifestations of oral cancer and oral cancer treatments.
Summit speakers and topics include:

  • Eva Grayzel – Beating the Odds: A Story NOT Silenced by Stage IV Oral Cancer
  • Kartikey Acharya, MD, MPH – Medical College of Wisconsin – discuss the myths and science of the HPV vaccine, discuss how to have important conversations with patients and families about HPV prevention.
  • Mark Lingen DDS, PhD – University of Chicago School of Medicine – discuss the oral manifestations and considerations of HPV and other oral cancers. Discuss how dental providers can play a role in oral cancer prevention, identification and treatment
  • Jill Meyer-Lippert, RDH – Side Effect Support – discuss resources available to manage the short term side effects and long term damage to oral health associated with oncology treatments.

This summit is co-sponsored by: American Academy of Pediatrics – WI Chapter, Side Effect Support, Water Pik, Inc. and Wisconsin Dental Association