Southeastern Wisconsin School-based Asthma Management Program (SE Wisconsin SAMPRO™)

To improve health outcomes for children with asthma, school-based partnerships focus on integrated care coordination amongst families, clinicians and school nurses. Our role in SE Wisconsin SAMPRO™ is to connect partners, improve systems to support students with asthma and implement the Wisconsin Asthma Coalition school walkthrough program.

Our partners in Milwaukee and Kenosha implement SAMPRO™ program activities to support each child with asthma and improve asthma management. The four components of SAMPRO™ are: Circle of Support, Asthma Management Plans, Asthma Education Plan and Environmental Plan. View the SAMPRO™ Toolkit to learn more.

SAMPRO™ Toolkit

Administrators, school nurses and clinicians can use this toolkit to implement SAMPRO™ at local schools or organizations.

Milwaukee Public Schools Contacts

Milwaukee families, find contact information for your child’s school to learn more about SAMPRO™.

What is each member of the Circle of Support’s role in implementing SAMPRO™?


Ensure all students with asthma have asthma orders on file at school.

  • Communicate with schools using orders and/or school forms (e.g., SAMPRO™ asthma action plan [Spanish], SAMPRO™ supplementary form, local school form).
  • Send asthma orders and action plans to school nurses.
  • Build the asthma action plan for home and school into your electronic health record.

Take steps to manage the environment for students with asthma.

  • Adopt or accept the SAMPRO™ asthma action plan (Spanish) as the official school form.
  • Ensure all school staff know how to manage students with asthma.
  • Decrease asthma triggers in your school.
  • Contact us to schedule a walkthrough.
School Nurses

School nurses play a key role in monitoring students with asthma.


Ensure your child’s asthma is well controlled at home and school.

Contact Our Staff

Carissa Hoium, MPH
Program Leader
Environmental Health
(414) 337-4569

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The Wisconsin asthma initiative is funded in part by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Division of Public Health, through a U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Cooperative Agreement.

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