About us

Our mission

To ensure Wisconsin children are healthy, safe and able to thrive.

Watch the Alliance's 20-year anniversary (1994-2014) video


Watch the Alliance's voice for children video

What we do

We build and lead coalitions. We bring together diverse groups of people and organizations to make a difference.


We advocate for quality services and access for all children. Along with our partners, we work to reduce health disparities, raise awareness, influence policy and promote action on important issues.


We mobilize leaders and people around our key initiatives. We implement effective programs and policies and build capacity with our partners to drive change.


We provide education, training and support for health professionals and families in our community. We ensure anyone working with families is equipped to help Wisconsin children.

Our staff

Our staff consists of 24 individuals working together to make a difference. Contact us.

Our advisory board

The Alliance Advisory Board is a dedicated group representing diverse organizations throughout Wisconsin. The board develops our strategic direction and serves as advisors to the Alliance initiatives. Our Advisory Board.

Our funding

The Alliance is funded by a variety of sources. Please visit our Alliance funding partners page where we acknowledge and thank our partners for contributing to our important work.

Our history

The Alliance was established in 1994 by our founding partners: state government, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and American Family Children's Hospital (formerly: UW Children’s Hospital). Our founding partners united to improve child health through system change, policy and best practice. This common focus remains a priority today.