Sleep Baby Safe

Sleep Baby Safe

We want all babies to sleep safely. Each year, more than 3,500 U.S. infants die suddenly and unexpectedly. Many of these deaths occur in an unsafe sleep environment. The Alliance actively works to develop tools to enhance local efforts to promote a consistent and clear safe sleep message and other resources for professionals working with families.

The tools and information below follow the American Academy of Pediatrics 2016 Recommendations for a Safe Infant Sleeping Environment.

The ABCs of Safe Sleep

We want all families to follow the ABCs of infant safe sleep: alone, on the back, in a crib or Pack ‘n Play®, and in a smoke-free environment. Intended for parents and families with infants, this video provides an overview of safe sleep best practices from the perspective of a new mom. This video can be shown on its own, or in conjunction with safe sleep education.

Sleep Baby Safe Key Resources

Sleep Baby Safe is a suite of trainings and resources developed by the Alliance in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. These resources can be used by a variety of professionals who talk to families about safe sleep.

Refresher Notebook

This notebook provides a refresher on concepts covered in the Sleep Baby Safe training.

Sleep Baby Safe Table Talk Sheets
Table Talk Sheets

These visual aids can be used when discussing safe sleep practices with families. Available in several languages and ethnicities.

ABCs of Safe Sleep

Help promote the ABCs of safe sleep. This document can be used as a handout for families or as a poster in public spaces.

2015-2017 Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Report (Released 2019)

Infant mortality is a national and local public health concern. View the most recent SUID data.

Sleep Baby Safe Hospital Resource Toolkit

This toolkit has resources to help health systems improve infant safe sleep in hospitals or clinics, staff training, and family education through updated policies and practices.

Training Modules

These online training modules were created as a refresher for the Sleep Baby Safe in-person training. The training provides safe sleep data, AAP recommendations and demonstrations. Take the post-training survey after watching all three modules to receive 0.5 hours of continuing education through The Registry.

Sleep Baby Safe
All Modules
(30 minutes)

Sleep Baby Safe
Module 1 – Why it Matters
(10 minutes)

Sleep Baby Safe
Module 2 – Play it Safe
(10 minutes)

Sleep Baby Safe
Module 3 – Let’s Talk
(10 minutes)

Safe Sleep Learning Community

Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin supports the safe sleep efforts of public health departments and tribal agencies as part of its Maternal and Child Health grant objective in partnership with the Department of Health Services. The Alliance facilitates learning community calls held quarterly for agencies working on infant safe sleep. All calls are recorded and archived.

July 9, 2020: Agenda | Recording
Feb. 13, 2020:
Agenda | Recording
Oct. 10, 2019: Agenda | Recording
Aug. 8, 2019: Agenda | Recording
June 6, 2019:
Agenda | Recording
Feb. 7, 2019: Agenda | Recording
Nov. 1, 2018: Agenda | Recording
Sept. 20, 2018: Agenda | Recording
June 21, 2018: Agenda  | Recording
Feb. 15, 2018: Agenda | Recording

Sleep Baby Safe Training Materials

Do you want to conduct a Sleep Baby Safe training in your community? Contact Amanda to schedule a train-the-trainer session. Then use these resources to conduct a safe sleep training with community members, professionals who work with families, child care providers or medical professionals.

Newborn Nest

In partnership with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Foundation, the Alliance manages Newborn Nest, a baby box program that includes trainings, resources and a strong evaluation component. If your agency is interested in participating in the Newborn Nest program, please contact us.

Local Examples of Safe Sleep Outreach

Local public health departments and tribal agencies throughout Wisconsin have created safe sleep resources for their communities. Feel free to use these examples when creating safe sleep materials for your own community. If you would like to connect with the teams who created these resources, please contact us.

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Sleep Baby Safe is funded in part by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Division of Public, MCH Title V Services Block grant through the Health Resources and Services Administration, Department of Health and Human Services.

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