Our Initiatives

The Alliance carries out our mission to ensure Wisconsin children are healthy, safe and able to thrive through initiatives focusing on different aspects of children’s health. Each initiative works to efficiently and effectively address an unmet need in our state.

Wisconsin ESMC

Emergency Care

Our Emergency Care Initiative is spearheaded by Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC), a national program that works to reduce child and youth mortality and morbidity resulting from severe illness or trauma. Wisconsin EMSC provides training, resources and support to each of Wisconsin’s 128 emergency departments and more than 750 emergency medical service agencies.

Environmental Health

Our Environmental Health initiative works to address asthma and lead poisoning in Wisconsin. The initiative coordinates the Wisconsin Asthma Coalition which provides key resources, training and information to partners throughout the state to reduce the burden of asthma. The initiative also works with local partners to find both clinical and community solutions to prevent childhood lead poisoning.


Food Security

The Food Security Initiative works with health systems and food systems to increase community food security. Traditionally, health care sectors and food systems worked independently – this is where we come in.

Injury Prevention and Death Review

The Injury Prevention and Death Review Initiative includes Keeping Kids Alive in Wisconsin, a comprehensive system of multidisciplinary county-based review teams. The purpose of the reviews is to better understand the risk factors and circumstances surrounding a child’s death and develop policy and program recommendations to prevent future deaths.

Keeping Kids Alive
Wisconsin Medical Home

Medical Home

The Medical Home Initiative works to ensure more Wisconsin children and youth with special health care needs are served within a medical home, by providing training and technical assistance for clinicians, health care teams and local public health departments. The Wisconsin Medical Home Initiative empowers youth and families to become partners and leaders within their health care teams.

Oral Health

The Oral Health Initiative facilitates ongoing efforts of coalition building, program delivery and policy development to increase access and improve the oral health of children and families in Wisconsin. Outreach programs work to provide resources, prevention and oral health services to underserved children, pregnant women and infants.

Oral Health

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