Child Death Review Teams

In Wisconsin, child death review (CDR) teams primarily review deaths of infants and children, ages 0 to 18, which are reportable to the medical examiner or coroner. The purpose of CDR is to better understand the risk factors and circumstances surrounding a child’s death and to develop policy and program recommendations to prevent future deaths.

Keeping Kids Alive Guidebook

Learn best practices for setting up a death review team, conducting effective reviews, as well as entering and analyzing data.

Child Death Review Report Form

Use this case report form to enter data into the National Fatality Review Case Reporting System.

Map of Wisconsin CDR Teams

View CDR team locations and Alliance support staff.

Team Coordinator Resources

These resources will be useful for local child death review team coordinators.

CDR Case Confidentiality Form Template

This document explains confidentiality expectations for CDR participants. At each meeting, all team members and guests should sign the agreement.

CDR Case List Template

This form can be used to share case information prior to the meeting. Team members can then determine which information from their investigation will help the team identify risk factors and prevention recommendations.

CDR Interagency Agreement Template

This agreement outlines the CDR team’s purpose and participation expectations. It should be signed by agency or department leaders.

Conducting Effective Reviews

This document outlines tips for conducting effective review team meetings.

Conducting Virtual Reviews

This document outlines tips for conducting effective virtual review team meetings.

DHS and WIC Memorandum of Understanding

This MOU promotes the confidential sharing of WIC information with CDR and FIMR review teams and their local health department representatives.

Keeping Kids Alive Overview

Injury prevention and death review is one of the six health initiatives at Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin. This document outlines our programs and resources, including Keeping Kids Alive and Sleep Baby Safe.

Prevention Tracking Template

CDR teams can use this document to keep track of prevention recommendations. It is meant to be a working document; information can be added as more discussion and progress unfolds.

Sample Meeting Notice

Local teams can utilize this template if they are required to follow the open meetings law.

    Data Entry Resources

    These resources will be useful for team members that enter case information.

    Case Report by Agency Version 6

    This document matches questions from the case report to the agency most likely to have the information. Share this document with your team members to help them prepare for the review.

    Creating Cases from Vital Record Import

    Creating new cases from linked birth and death records can save time when completing a case report. Learn how to create cases using the case import function.

    Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Investigation Reporting Form (SUIDIRF)

    This form is used by medical examiners and coroners to standardize data collection for SUIDs and improve classification of sleep-related infant deaths.

    SUID Case Registry Overview

    Wisconsin participates in the Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Case Registry through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Learn more about the Registry.

    SUID Priority Variables

    This document lists the case report questions that are highest priority for all infant deaths that are included in the Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Case Registry.

      Self-Care Resources

      These resources will be useful for team coordinators and members to help with self-care.

      Breathing Script
      Follow this breathing script as a way to practice self-care before or after your CDR meeting.

      Grounding Script
      Follow this grounding script as a way to practice self-care before a CDR meeting.

      Visualization Script
      Follow this visualization script as a way to help minds cope with the details of cases after your CDR meeting.

      Child Death Review Video Series

      The death of a child is a tragedy that should invoke a community response. In most child deaths, the circumstances are multidimensional and responsibility does not rest in any one place. This video series was created to showcase the need for CDR and assist communities in starting the CDR process.

      Part 1: What is CDR?
      Part 2: Starting a CDR Team
      Part 3: CDR & Data

      SUID Case Registry

      The Alliance is the Wisconsin grantee for the Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID) Case Registry. A SUID is defined as the sudden and unexpected death of a baby less than 1 year old, that does not seem to have a specific cause before investigation. The SUID Case Registry works to to improve the quality of SUID investigations by gathering population-based data on the risk factors and circumstances leading to these deaths.

      SDY Case Registry

      The Alliance is the Wisconsin grantee for the Sudden Death in the Young (SDY) Case Registry, a national program that works to understand and prevent the causes of sudden death in infants and children up to age 20. We identify SDY cases in Wisconsin and work with families to obtain blood or tissue samples for further research.


      Reviewing child deaths is a key step in developing injury prevention efforts. However, this work can take a toll, both mentally and physically. It’s important to be aware of how your work impacts you and to take action to find balance in your life.

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