Injury Prevention Resources

National Resource
World Health Organization – Preventing Drowning: An Implementation Guide
10 evidence-based interventions to approach drowning prevention strategies.

Local Resource
Children’s Wisconsin Safety Center
Provides safety education, support and programming in many topics including water safety.

State Resources
Environmental Safe Housing Program
Tips on how to keep your home safe and healthy.

Lead-Safe Wisconsin
Information on how to keep your home lead-free.

Wisconsin Climate and Health Program
Shares how climate change impacts public health in our state.

National Resource
U.S. Fire Administration – Fire Safety Program Toolkit
A comprehensive resources for fire safety educators.

Local Resource
Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin Charitable Foundation
Prevents fires and burns through education and risk mitigation to children, families and communities.

State Resources
First Breath
Helps pregnant women, new moms and families quit smoking.

Periscope Project
Resource for health care providers caring for perinatal women that struggle with mental health or substance use.

Wisconsin Statewide Genetics Program
Learn about genetic services available in the state.

Fish Consumption
Learn about safe types and levels of fish to eat for women and children.

Star Legacy Foundation
The Star Legacy Foundation oversees the Wisconsin Center for Stillbirth and Infant Death, which provides support to families and professionals after infant loss. You can find grief resources and make a referral on their website.

National Resource
U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration – Local and Rural Road Safety Program
Multitude of resources to reduce motor vehicle crash fatalities.

Local Resources
Children’s Wisconsin Teen Driving
Program designed to instill responsibility in teen drivers.

Children’s Wisconsin Car Seat Services
Provides safety education, support and programming on child passenger safety.

National Resource
Partnership to End Addition
Has recent advocacy work, messaging and educational activities used to address the opioid epidemic.

State Resource
Has information on the state’s approach to addressing the opioid epidemic.

National Resource
ATV Safety Institute
Information that promotes safe and responsible use of ATVs to reduce injuries and fatalities.

State Resource
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Gives access to safety courses and other resources that promote the safe use of ATCs and UTVs.

National Resource
Cultivate Safety
Program for farmers and their families designed to help keep kids safe as they live, work and play on farms.

State Resource
Farm Worker Health and Safety
Information and tips for farmers working with livestock to keep themselves and their families safe and healthy.

Local Resource
Clark County  Plain Community Farm Safety

National Resource
Cribs for Kids
Preventing infant sleep-related deaths by educating parents and caregivers on the importance of practicing safe sleep for their babies

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development – Safe to Sleep Campaign
Printable, shareable safe sleep resources for families and professionals.

State Resources
Sleep Baby Safe
Suite of resources, materials and trainings for professionals working with families of infants. This resources was developed by the Alliance.

First Breath
Resource for pregnant women, new moms and families to help quit smoking.

My Baby and Me
Resource to aid in achieving a healthy and alcohol-free pregnancy.

Periscope Project
Resource for health care providers caring for women struggling with mental health or substance use disorders.

Wisconsin Statewide Genetics Program
Provides access to genetic services available in Wisconsin.

Fish Consumption Advice
Learn about safe types and consumption of fish to eat for women and children.

National Resource
Zero Suicide in Health and Behavioral Health Care
Program aimed at improving suicide care within health and behavioral health systems.

State Resource 
Mental Health America of Wisconsin
Organization dedicated to improving mental health through a number of programs and services in Wisconsin.

Bystander CPR

We all know CPR can save lives – but we may not know the proper steps to perform CPR in the case of an emergency. Watch this educational video explaining the steps of how to give hands-only CPR.

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