Name, Title and Organization

Libbe Slavin, Safe Kids Wisconsin Injury Prevention Program Manager, Children’s Wisconsin

Libbe Slavin, Injury Prevention Program Manager – Safe Kids Wisconsin

Years in Current Role

15 years

I chose to work in injury prevention because….

It is my passion to make an impact in children’s lives.

I believe that educating communities on injury prevention is important because…

Every child should be able to grow up to do or become whatever they imagine.

My favorite part about advocating for children’s health is….

Working with other professionals around the state and country because I enjoy learning from them to help better the work that I do.

The most rewarding part of my job is…

Hearing the stories and seeing the families that have been impacted by our Safe Kids programs and other efforts.  Whether it’s a child that was protected from a fall off their bike because of a helmet to a kid that’s live was saved because they were still in a booster seat when their family was involved in a crash; knowing our work ensures kids grow up to be healthy young adults is incredibly rewarding.

One of my favorite memories of working in my current role is….

Receiving the Martha Collar Outstanding State Coordinator award.  I was incredibly honored to receive the recognition for doing what I love!

If I could travel anywhere in the world I would go to Fiji because…… 

of the clear blue water, incredible beaches and warm temperatures.