The Wisconsin Asthma Coalition (WAC) recently released the 2021-2025 Wisconsin Asthma Plan. The plan consists of Wisconsin-specific resources, statistics, goals and more to help reduce asthma disparities in the state.

All Wisconsinites deserve to live healthy lives. To help those suffering from asthma, the WAC created the Wisconsin Asthma Plan 2021-2025 to help achieve quality asthma care for all individuals.

The new plan draws upon the expertise of the WAC Advisory Committee and the coalition’s membership, as well as feedback from numerous community stakeholders. Lastly, this plan is meant to encourage broader community ownership for addressing asthma health outcomes.

About the plan:
Clinical interventions alone will not eliminate asthma disparities. Because of this, the goals, objectives and activities were updated to encourage action from a wide range of participants. In short, everyone must pitch in to help improve asthma outcomes across Wisconsin.

To reduce disparities and eliminate the burden of asthma in Wisconsin, it is important to ensure all people with asthma have access to the resources that they need. For those whose asthma is not well-controlled, additional steps must be taken to provide them with more advanced services.

Three priority areas: Health Care, Environment, and Community Partnerships and Policy
The new plan has three priority areas: health care, environment and community partnerships and policy. New objectives and activities have been added to continue programs proven to work, build upon existing opportunities and improve the plan’s usability for a diverse range of stakeholders.