WAC Executive Committee begins revitalization efforts

WAC Executive Committee begins revitalization efforts

The WAC Executive Committee met at the end of October to discuss ways to improve member engagement and set the Coalition’s future priorities. The group used a facilitation method called Technology of Participation (ToP) to analyze the Coalition’s challenges and identify desired outcomes and next steps.

The group decided to create a WAC Revitalization Team that will work together over the next few months to create a long-term plan for reinvigorating the Coalition. This plan will be presented to the WAC Executive Committee in early 2019 and will include strategies to:

  • Re-evaluate the WAC’s vision and mission
  • Develop a strategic plan for the WAC
  • Develop new marketing and communication tactics
  • Identify opportunities for new partnerships
  • Re-engage and strengthen existing partnerships
  • Identify and leverage opportunities to address health equity
  • Capture the voice of patients in our work

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December 19th, 2018|Asthma|