The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently launched the ‘#CallYourPediatrician‘ campaign. The campaign highlights the importance of well-child visits and vaccinations during COVID-19.

With the beginning of the school year quickly approaching, and uncertainties on what that will look like, it is still important for families to schedule well-child visits and for clinics to promote doing so.

To maintain sanitary and safe conditions, clinics can:

  • separate ‘sick’ and ‘well’ times and areas
  • utilize phone check-in and in-car waiting rooms
  • use video visits when possible

Video visits are becoming more common during COVID-19. The concept may seem foreign, but the #CallYourPediatrician campaign provided these tips for parents:

  • know your child’s weight and temperature
  • have a list of specialists your child sees
  • know your pharmacy information
  • know the medications that your child takes

The main thing to remember is this: Well-child visits and staying up-to-date on your child’s vaccinations are important! Clinics are a safe and clean environment, and some clinics may be using video visits as an alternative to in-person visits.