Love My Air Wisconsin (LMA WI), in partnership with Playworks, is thrilled to share a new, one-of-a-kind, activity resource guide associated with air quality index (AQI) guidelines!

What is the AQI Activity Guide?
The AQI Activity Guide (based off AQI) is a guide that provides health related recommendations based on outdoor air quality.

LMA WI wanted to take this resource one step further, specifically to empower schools to take quick action as they monitor outdoor air quality and encourage student’s physical activity. LMA WI reached out to Playworks, a school-based organization that aims to develop student’s social and emotional skills and physical health through supportive games during recess, to ask for support in suggesting game ideas. Together, LMA WI and Playworks identified game options for each air quality level zone, based on the existing AQI recommendations.

Key Features:

  1. Easy to understand colors/visuals
  2. Games suggested are easy to implement and most require minimal or no equipment
  3. Games that follow AQI health recommendations
  4. QR code to Playwork’s game library that allows staff to easily search each game and find game instructions
  5. Reminders to follow student’s asthma plans
  6. Short (1-2 minute) videos and/or explanations on how to play the suggested games

Benefits of Using AQI Activity Guide:

  • Can be used anywhere by anyone
  • Guide is easy to use so students make the most of their recess/playtime
  • Promotes students to stay active even when air quality is poor

Download the AQI Activity Guide today

  • Follow this link
  • Go to the Resources section and click “Outdoor Activity Guide”
  • Download your copy (you can print this or add it to a slideshow)

Interested in bringing Playworks to your school? Find out more here.

Written by:
Sarah Kroening, MSpEd
Program Manager, Environmental Health