Wisconsin Asthma Coalition Membership Form

Wisconsin Asthma Coalition (WAC) membership is free and open to any individual who endorses the coalition’s vision and mission. 

Vision: Taking control of asthma.

Mission: Fostering partnerships to improve asthma management, enhance quality of life, reduce disparities and prevent asthma-related deaths.

WAC members are empowered to:

  • Access current asthma information.
  • Participate in the creation and/or implementation of the Wisconsin Asthma Plan.
  • Receive guidance for implementing best practices to reduce asthma disparities.
  • Contribute to policy discussions and improvement.
  • Collaborate with a diverse group of experts working to improve asthma management.
  • Gain opportunities for networking and professional relationship-building.
  • Attend coalition meetings, webinars and other WAC events that provide tools and resources for replication in your community.
  • Work alongside an engaged advisory committee committed to creating and carrying out the coalition’s agenda in a democratic manner.
Please select the quantity for each item you would like to receive.
(Please note, this is for EMS agencies only)
PLEASE NOTE: we cannot deliver to post office boxes or out of state. WI EMSC pediatric comfort kits, weight conversion charts and reference cards are available to Wisconsin based EMS agencies and emergency departments only.
For security verification, please enter any random two digit number. For example: 12