Written by Vanessa Ramirez

Vanessa Ramirez

It’s been about a month since I’ve joined Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin. This month has gone by fast, but I’ve been fortunate to see just how hard this team works. I can attest that October is a busy month at the Alliance. Although COVID-19 has impacted many health departments and organizations across the state, is has also impacted many of the conferences that are held this time of year. However, despite this ever-changing time, this didn’t hold back the Oral Health and Early Literacy team from hosting their respective virtual conferences.

Both initiatives had successful and informative virtual conferences that allowed me to learn more about how important their work is to Wisconsin families and children. The virtual conferences allowed me to learn from health professionals who are helping spread awareness in their communities.

Apart from this, I have also been able to join in on conversations regarding pilot programs and grants that can help support other initiatives and their work to improve children’s health. My goal by the end of my term of service is to better understand the components needed, as well as the process it takes, to have a pilot program. A highlight from this month has been to work with the Wisconsin Asthma Coalition on how to support and host environmental walkthroughs during a pandemic. It’s important to note that these walkthroughs are significant for schools and child care locations to help identify asthma triggers as well as how to eliminate them with low to no-cost solutions. Although many are learning virtually, it is never too early or too late to have an environmental walkthrough.

Overall, this month has been full of learning as well as many wonderful opportunities to work with various initiatives.