Written by Vanessa Ramirez

Vanessa Ramirez

This month has been filled with a lot of action. For each project I’ve worked on, it’s been amazing to see each stage. It reminds me of an assembly line; it really puts in perspective how each step is leading to the final product and at times it’s exciting, but you want to speed it up to see the end result. This month has been about being in the moment, adjusting in the moment and letting creativity just flow. My main focus this month has been working on asthma-related projects. One of them has been revamping the Wisconsin Asthma Coalition Newsletter; this project has been in the works for some time now. After talking about this, creating a survey with the team and reviewing member feedback, it was exciting for us to work together. At times it was nerve-racking for me to share my ideas including writing for the newsletter. I’m excited for everyone to see the revamp and curious to learn what they all think. Apart from this it has been exciting working on promotional material for the asthma walk through program. A lot of the planning this month has been on finding a way to reach more schools and childcare centers in Wisconsin as well as updating other materials.

This month I was also able to take time to pack and mail pediatric comfort kits. With the help of the Emergency Medical Services for Children program leader, we were able to mail out big orders of kits. Seeing the increase of orders puts into perspective how many emergency responders and volunteers want to ensure that they are prepared to assist children in emergencies while helping them be as comfortable and calm as they can.

Another exciting part has been working with the inclusion diversity and equity team at the Alliance. It has been amazing to learn from their experiences and what they’ve learned in their years of service. It’s been exciting to see how even behind the scenes they work hard to uphold the alliance vision and mission. As time moves forward, I am excited to see the continuation of many projects and what I may end up learning.