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Asthma is a chronic lung disease characterized by inflammation of the airways. Asthma is common, deadly, expensive and disruptive. However, it is controllable and Wisconsin is making some progress.

The Wisconsin Asthma Coalition (WAC) is a diverse group comprised of more than 180 members spanning various professions statewide. The WAC fosters partnerships to improve asthma management, enhance quality of life, reduce disparities and prevent asthma-related deaths.

The WAC Executive Committee meets monthly to guide and make recommendations to implement the Wisconsin Asthma Plan.

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Wisconsin Asthma Plan
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The following resources are grouped based on the four nationally recognized components of care

Routine health care Pharmaceutical care Education Environment

The Partnership for Value-based Coordinated Care is a coalition of nearly 40 business and community partners who developed the business case to demonstrate the cost effectiveness of coordinated team-based care to improve health outcomes. This coalition identified and developed key elements that provide strong evidence for changing the way care is delivered. Clinical care, prevention services, social and economic services, and new financing strategies are not enough. The evidence demonstrates that a coordinated team-based approach can impact the way we deliver care to patients. The following components are included in the business case:
  • Cause for concern in Wisconsin
  • Proposed solution
  • National and local evidence and return on investment
  • Capacity of resources and infrastructure available
  • Financial impact and quality improvement

The Wisconsin Asthma Coalition is funded in part by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services through a U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Cooperative Agreement. View the Burden of Asthma in Wisconsin 2013.

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