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Reach Out and Read prepares America’s youngest children to succeed in school by partnering with clinicians to prescribe books and encourage families to read together. The program begins at the 6-month checkup and continues through age 5, with a special emphasis on children growing up in poverty. Ages 0-5 are the most critical for brain and language development, and parents and caregivers play a crucial role in their child’s development. Children who are read to at an early age develop a lifetime love of books and learning.

The evidence-based Reach Out and Read model is supported by 16, independent, peer-reviewed, published studies. Parents involved with Reach Out and Read spend more time reading with their children, and their children gain important language skills. No other early childhood literacy program has this kind of evidence base or impact. Learn more


Start your application at Reach Out and Read National Center. Once you register your clinic, Wisconsin Coalition staff will contact you and guide you through the application process (applications may be saved to work on at a later date). Please let Wisconsin Coalition staff review your application before it is submitted. National Center reviews applications on the third Monday of each month.

Clinics in application must raise enough money for their first year of books before they can proceed to the provider training phase. Programs in their second year are eligible for book support. Book support, pending the Wisconsin Coalition’s fundraising efforts, is prioritized to clinics serving a substantial low-income population. All clinics receiving support must be current with their required core Reach Out and Read provider training and progress report submissions.

  • Provider survey
  • Program “check-in” sample agenda
  • Watch for coalition monthly updates with announcements for the next quality improvement (QI) projects hosted by National Center. These QI projects qualify for Part 4/IV maintenance of certification requirements for family physicians and pediatricians.
Reach out and Read

For more information, please contact Karin Mahony, at (608) 442-4160.

Reach Out and Read National Center

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How to start a Reach Out and Read Program

Did you know...

Reach Out and Read programs in Wisconsin gave more than 140,000 new, developmentally appropriate books to 79,200 children in the last year.