Emergency care:
Patient at Risk

Our role

The role of Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin in Patient at Risk (PAR) is to continue to manage the database, contact families and their EMS providers to help prepare them for specific needs and encourage other families to join the database. PAR aligns closely with EMS for Children in our goal to improve emergency preparedness throughout our communities. View PAR advisory board.


PAR is a unique patient-driven database designed to allow families to provide helpful information to EMS. This free program gives families the ability to enter information regarding their loved one's medical condition at their convenience through an online account. Families can manage these accounts as they would any online account by adding, deleting and modifying information that will help an EMS provider responding to the emergency. Through a system like PAR, we are one step closer to bridging the gap between the medical needs of our most fragile patients and any EMS provider by improving communication through collaborative efforts. PAR was created with the help of a family for families just like you.

How to enroll your child.
Video instructions for parents.
PAR brochure for families.
Parent welcome letter.
Sample emergency information form.


EMS and medical professionals

Wisconsin has more than 200,000 children with special health care needs. Many EMS providers have very limited pediatric experience responding to children with special needs in emergencies. EMS providers and responders could be better prepared to handle our medically fragile children if they know critical information before arriving on the scene. PAR is an online database that allows families to enter specific information regarding their child to alert first responders about crucial medical information when an emergency call is placed.

The PAR database allows an emergency response team to:

  • Familiarize themselves with the disease and the specific equipment required to manage the child’s needs
  • Send the most pediatric experienced responder

Our partners

The Patient at Risk program is an initiative of Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin and a partnership with American Family Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Gundersen Health System and Wisconsin Department of Health Services Emergency Medical Services for Children.

Patient at Risk

For more information, please contact Erica Kane at (414) 337-4572.

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