Medical Home:

Cause for Concern

A “medical home” is a way of providing health care where parents and physicians partner to promote a child’s health and development. Overall, children receiving care within a medical home have improved health outcomes, and families are more satisfied with such care.

In Wisconsin, only 44 percent of children and youth with special health care needs receive care within a medical home. Children with emotional, behavioral or developmental challenges are even less likely to be served within a medical home.

Our Role

The Alliance administers several projects designed to ensure more children receive care within medical homes. The Wisconsin Medical Home Initiative offers support to primary care clinicians and care team members on topics of developmental screening within well-child care, pediatric mental health screening, and pediatric mental health community resources. Guidance also is offered to parents to help them partner with their child’s physician.

Guided by statewide healthcare leadership, the Wisconsin Medical Home for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN) Systems Integration Project aims to increase by 20 percent the number of CYSHCN served within a medical home. Areas of focus include cross-system care coordination, pediatric behavioral health resources and family leadership.

The Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems project aims to increase awareness of how toxic stress can impact child development and behavior, and to promote trauma-informed care. Three pilot sites are being supported in the state. Mental health clinicians also are receiving training on an evidence-based intervention for young children exposed to trauma and their families.

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Did you know…

780 children in Wisconsin less than age 6 were reached by a developmental screening intervention in 2016.