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Local oral health coalitions

The Wisconsin Oral Health Coalition (WOHC) supports local oral health coalitions throughout Wisconsin working to develop and implement oral health programs at the local level. Local oral health coalitions endorse WOHC’s vision and mission and utilize the Wisconsin Oral Health Roadmap.

The WOHC’s Midwest Collaborative Initiative (MCI) Grant is a partnership with Michigan Oral Health Coalition and Oral Health Kansas, and is funded by the DentaQuest Foundation.

Local oral health coalitions

Amish Children’s Dental Coalition
Door County Oral Health Coalition
Eau Claire Healthy Communities Oral Health Action Team
Lincoln County Oral Health Coalition
Northern Wisconsin Health Network Oral Health Coalition
Oconto-Marinette Oral Health Coalition
Oral Health Coalition of Dane County
Waukesha County Dental Coalition

View a snapshot of the grantees’ background and focus areas.

Download entire toolkit. Click on the page number in the table of contents to navigate the toolkit. Content includes:

  • What is coalition building?
  • Why start a coalition?
  • Steps to building a successful advocacy coalition
  • Who should be a part of a coalition?
  • Best practices and lessons learned along the way
  • Potential challenges
  • Doing things we shouldn’t- and other pitfalls to avoid
  • Becoming a money magnet
  • Running an effective meeting—establishing an objective and sticking to it
  • How to make an agenda
  • Agenda templates
  • Meeting minutes guide                 
  • Meeting minutes template
  • Maintaining a strong coalition
  • For fun—team building activities
  • References

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For more information about our local oral health coalitions, please contact Rachael Wolfe at (414) 337-4576.

Did you know...

Every year, millions of adolescents receive their first introduction to opioids following the extraction of their third molars.

local oral health grantees

Local oral health coalition grantees

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