Injury prevention and death review:
Local death review teams

Death review team guidelines

Keeping Kids Alive in Wisconsin – The second edition of the guidebook provides information on setting up a child death review (CDR) and fetal infant mortality review (FIMR) team; conducting effective reviews; collecting, entering and analyzing data; self-care; and prevention resources. Additionally, methods for collaboration between CDR and FIMR are explored. The templates referenced in the guidebook are listed below with page numbers. Additional tools are located in the bottom of the sections.

Tools for CDR and FIMR teams (chapters 1, 2 and 7)

        Additional tools

Collaboration between CDR and FIMR (chapter 3)

Data (chapter 4)

        Additional tools

Prevention (chapter 5)

Self-care (chapter 6)


Keeping Kids Alive in Wisconsin

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