As a caring, empathetic professional who works with the bereaved, you can experience secondary trauma and caregiver fatigue. Being aware of how this work can impact you and taking steps to maintain balance in your life can help protect you from the harmful effects of these difficult issues.

Below are self-care resources to assist you in achieving balance and connectedness in your life. For additional resources, please contact the Infant Death Center.

Self-care resources for professionals

Guide to Self-Care
Self-care is an opportunity to make a better you. Take time for yourself when you experience stressful or traumatic events, especially the loss of an infant or child.

Grief and Self-Care Resources
While the families you work with need grief and self-care resources, you may need them, too. We compiled a list of eight resources to help you.

Bereavement Caregiver Burnout Survey
Take this self-assessment to see if you’re on the path to caregiver burnout. Then read Dr. Alan Wolfelt’s practical guidelines for caring for yourself.

Self-Care Wheel
The self-care wheel illustrates six aspects of life balance. Use the ideas in each segment to improve your self-care.

Compassion Resilience
Learn about compassion resilience, the ability to maintain strength, hope and purpose while providing compassionate care.

Self-Care BINGO
Use this group activity as an icebreaker or meeting starter to encourage participants to think about their self-care.

25 Self-Care Ideas
Find simple ways to incorporate self-care into your daily life.

What about you: Self-care for caregivers
Use this workbook to learn how to identify, measure and manage stress.

Well Badger Resource Center
Comprehensive health and wellness resources for Wisconsin residents.

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