Pediatric Emergency Resource Request Form

Wisconsin Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) provides no-cost resources for emergency departments and first responders in Wisconsin. To request these items for your emergency care team, please complete the form below. For more information about EMSC’s resources, please contact

Pediatric Comfort Kit

Our Pediatric Comfort Kit contains items to soothe, comfort and distract kids during an emergency. Every emergency response team and emergency department should have a pediatric comfort kit on hand to help kids feel less scared during difficult situations.

Pediatric Pre-Hospital Reference Guide

The Pediatric Pre-Hospital Reference Guide provides fast facts for providing emergency care, including normal vital signs, medication dosages, a variety of pain scales, equipment size estimates and more.

Pediatric Weight Conversion Charts

Our Pediatric Weight Conversion Charts list weight in pounds and kilograms. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises medical providers to weigh pediatric patients in kilograms only to reduce medication dosing errors. Each pack contains 60 paper charts.

Please select the quantity for each item you would like to receive.
(Please note, this is for EMS agencies only)
PLEASE NOTE: we cannot deliver to post office boxes or out of state. WI EMSC pediatric comfort kits, weight conversion charts and reference cards are available to Wisconsin based EMS agencies and emergency departments only.
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