Grief and bereavement:

The Infant Death Center reaches across Wisconsin to ensure every family affected by the sudden and unexpected death of an infant is provided with grief and bereavement resources and support. We collaborate with pediatric pathologists, neonatologists, geneticists, and others at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin to bring expertise and knowledge to each situation. We work with communities statewide to identify local resources available to families or others impacted by a death.

Your support will allow us to continue our efforts to reach families and provide grief and bereavement resources. You also will help to sustain our educational efforts on the prevention of infant death.

Donate to Infant Death Center (SIDS Program Fund)

Thank you for your generous donation. We are grateful for your support and are committed to using your donation to maximize our efforts.











For more information, please contact Joanna O'Donnell, at (414) 337-4571.

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