Grief and bereavement:

Cause for concern

In Wisconsin, more than 80 infants (on average) die unexpectedly each year. Families experiencing the death of a child enter into a lifelong process of grieving. The grief and bereavement journey is overwhelming and difficult if support is not available. Professional staff dedicated to helping families through this difficult journey is critical to the healing process.

Our role

The Infant Death Center (IDC) connects with all families who experience a sudden and unexpected death of an infant to better understand their unique grieving needs and provide them with appropriate resources. Staff works closely with professionals serving grieving families to provide additional resources, as well as self-care information for the professional.

The IDC also collaborates with Marshfield Clinic to encourage use of the Wisconsin Stillbirth Service Program (WiSSP), and reach stillbirth families in need of grief and bereavement resources. Knowing as much as possible about the stillbirth circumstances can help families with the grieving process.


For more information, please contact Joanna O'Donnell, at (414) 337-4571.

Did you know...

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