Injury prevention and death review:
Fetal Infant Mortality Review Teams

Fetal Infant Mortality teams work to understand the circumstances and risk factors to prevent fetal and infant deaths

Fetal Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) teams are multidisciplinary groups that meet to discuss underlying factors surrounding fetal and infant deaths in their communities. By understanding the contributing factors to each death, teams can develop collaborative approaches to prevention of these losses, work to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in birth outcomes and improve maternal health. The Keeping Kids Alive in Wisconsin Guidebook includes information on setting up a death review team, conducting effective reviews, as well as entering and analyzing data.

There are six teams in Wisconsin working to review all infant deaths (up to age 365 days) occurring in their counties. Some of these teams are a collaboration of child death review (CDR) and FIMR; and some of the FIMR teams act independently of CDR. Please contact the Alliance with questions about the structure of FIMR and CDR in your county.

Fetal Infant Mortality teams can use these Keeping Kids Alive tools to conduct comprehensive reviews.


Keeping Kids Alive in Wisconsin Guidebook

Fetal Infant Mortality Review Report Form

Learn more at the National Center for Fatality Review and Prevention.


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