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Earlier Is Better


Earlier Is Better (EIB) is a parent oral health education program for pregnant women and families with children younger than age 3 enrolled in Wisconsin Early Head Start (WI EHS). Home visitors/parent educators are trained by EIB staff to use the Parent Oral Health Education Toolkit (POHET) to support WI EHS families with knowledge that informs and guides oral health decision-making.


The goal of EIB is to reduce the dental caries experience of WI EHS children.

EIB has four primary objectives:

  • Establish an oral health partnership to ensure effective development, implementation and evaluation of the EIB project plans.
  • Document changes in oral health knowledge and behavior of parents/caregivers.
  • Increase the baseline number of WI EHS children with a dental home.
  • Reduce dental caries experience in 3-year-old WI EHS children.

Earlier Is Better documents, tools and resources

Earlier Is Better partners and funding

The Earlier Is Better partnership includes Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin, Medical College of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Dental Association, Wisconsin Department of Health Services Oral Health Program and Wisconsin Head Start Association.

EIB is funded by a five-year grant from the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program, a component of the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin endowment at the Medical College of Wisconsin. EIB is funded through December 31, 2016.

For more information about our Earlier Is Better program, please contact Diane Flanagan at (414) 337-4564.

Did you know...

Cavities in children can cause pain and infection leading to problems with eating, drinking, sleeping and learning.