Injury prevention and death review:
Community prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention funded Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin (Alliance) and the Injury Research Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin (IRC) to utilize data collected from local death review teams to address the National Action Plan for Child Injury Prevention. This web-based clearinghouse provides detailed information from prevention efforts implemented by or with support from Wisconsin child death review (CDR) and fetal infant mortality review (FIMR) teams. The yellow “things to consider” boxes are being filled out by the Alliance, to the best of their ability, in collaboration with the IRC. These boxes are meant to help others learn from local teams that have already implemented the prevention activity.

Benefits of using the templates:

  • Planning tool for moving from data to prevention.
  • Standardized approach to prevention planning.
  • Evidence-based clearinghouse of prevention activities and outcomes for replication.

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Templates for capturing prevention efforts were created using the evidence-driven community health improvement process (ED-CHIP) model (Layde PM, Christiansen, AL, Peterson DJ, Guse CE, Maurana CA, Brandenburg T. A Model to Translate Evidence-Based interventions into Community Practice. Am J Pub Health. 2012 Apr;102(4):617-24.). This model formed the basis for the questions asked of teams to describe the process they went through. Staff at the IRC mapped elements from the ED-CHIP model into the steps for writing a recommendation, as written in A Program Manual for Child Death Review.






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