Grief and bereavement:
Infant Death Center


Founded in 1980, the Infant Death Center (IDC) is a statewide program administered through Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin and affiliated with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. The goal of the IDC is to ensure every Wisconsin family who experiences an unexpected infant death has access to grief support and bereavement resources. The IDC is funded through a Title V Maternal Child Health grant from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and Children’s Hospital.

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Our services

  • Bereavement support
    Support services are provided over the telephone by staff during the year following the infant death. IDC staff collaborate with professionals and organizations to reach families and identify helpful resources.
  • Consultation with pediatric pathologist
    A pediatric pathologist from Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is available to provide consultation to families and professionals to better understand the cause of death. The pathologist can discuss autopsy findings, medical examiner reports, test results and other information.
  • Community trainings
    IDC staff provide resources such as safe sleep materials, self-care guidance and bereavement articles that support the grieving family and professionals working with families.
  • Support directory
    Information on programs and special events to support families in the grieving process are identified by county, statewide. View Infant Loss Support Directory.



For more information, please contact Joanna O'Donnell, at (414) 337-4571.

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Did you know...

Do not try to “protect” your family and friends by putting on a brave front. Showing your true feelings can help them and you.